Giant Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., trading as “Giant Education” is one of the leading and most sought Education Consultancies incorporated under the office of the Company Registrar, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply of the Government of Nepal. It is authorized to hold Education Consultancy Services and Test Preparation Classes by Ministry of Education, Nepal. On top of that it is a celebrated member of Education Consultancies’ Association of Nepal (ECAN). Giant education is a Pokhara based private educational consultancy established in 2014 A.D.

Giant Education has been providing outstanding services to the Nepalese Students who intend to go abroad with the gainful motive of pursuing their higher studies. We have been serving the students shape their academic career abroad as well as at home for over many years. On top of that we are registered and authorized agent of various prestigious and esteemed education providers of Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.


In the same way, with the determination to adopt superior service to our students, we have established a Learning Center which is fully equipped with ultra-modern facilities and assist the students with state of the art facilities for Test Preparation Classes. We are proud to be able to appoint and retain the British council and IDP certified efficient instructors for IELTS, TOEFL and other relevant tests.



Managing Director

Hari Prasad Parajuli

(QEAC # P214) (ITAC # 1490)

The world has become narrow due to the rapid development in technology. Regarding academics, one is really interested to gain quality education because people have believed in academics and its excellence. Everyone is in search of best education providers around the globe. The number of student willing to apply abroad for their higher studies has increased rapidly in our country also. The decision to study abroad is appreciable regarding quality education and it is backed by ones profile, background, preference and experience. Studying abroad provides fantastic opportunities to pursue future career. Students may want to study abroad for a combination of various reasons such as academic proficiency career and opportunities like post study work permit or job search period as well as something as simple as personal growth. For this, they will need detailed information on required qualification and the educational framework of each destined country likewise. When it comes for planning higher study abroad, one has to keep in mind that his/her personal objectives while looking at key issues such as course availability, entry requirements, projected outcomes, costs, course duration, academic contents, employment options during studies and so on.


You must have a good student counselor who can give you detailed information and quality of service for both existing qualifications that you may have as well as information about acquiring additional qualifications for successful study in a country of your choice. While choosing your academic counselor always seek for the following attributes:


  • Give value for money and time. (but not money minded)
  • Detailed and quick responses of all your enquiries.
  • Understand your profile, preference and background.
  • Be able to provide relevant, accurate and comprehensive information and advice.
  • Be ethical, consistent, reliable, impartial, and fair as well as stick within application rules when helping you make decisions about your future.
  • Give you quality assurance with compliance of good quality standards.
  • Good communication skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Give you full details of each education system such as required documents for visa, living and working alongside realistic outcomes of your qualification.


We, at Giant Education, have all of the above mentioned qualities and compliances.


We can identify how important your existing qualifications are and how important and precious it is for you to undertake international education in a destination country of your choice. We understand that each individual is unique and have different needs based on their socio-economic background. In addition to that, we will be able to assist you in striking the right balance between course price and quality.



In this era of globalization and the fast changing corporate world, the need of international education has become a necessity rather than luxury. The world has become a global village, placing high demands of cross- cultural adaptability on the young people of today. Added to that, it is the need for personal and professional growth which has become an ongoing life-long learning process.


It has always become a challenge for any student to choose the perfect qualification at a perfect institute in order to meet your individual goal of perfection in a chosen career. It becomes hard to make that choice on your own without any expert’s guidance, when there is so much to choose from. The information overload also does not make it any easier, so what do you do? You turn to the experts. This is where the team at Giant Education come to your assistance with their expertise and in-depth knowledge about international education


The mission statement of Giant Education is to provide the most transparent, reliable, honest and efficient services for prospective students and each team member struggles  toward that goal. You as an enthusiastic student are the most important entity at our office and there is a tireless effort to help you achieve what you have dreamed of, in terms of your educational aspirations.






Study abroad has always been a dream for every student. You will not only witness and gain skills and qualifications which will benefit your upcoming professional career but also the intangible assets like cultural experience, new contacts, sporting pursuits, travel and sightseeing and much more. According to market survey, we came to know that most of the Nepalese students were concerned about their studies because of political instability of the country, which lack development in education system. There is huge attraction especially towards United Kingdom, US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada for higher education. However students are equally interested in pursuing education in few European countries and also in Japan. We cannot ignore the fact that Nepalese students opt for India, Philippines, China, Bangladesh and few other Asian countries too. So keeping these things in mind Giant Education has analyzed and researched the probability on sending Nepalese students abroad to improve the skills and knowledge which certainly help for the change in the learning system of education sectors. Thus these are some finding came from market research.



After exploring the market, we came to know that the trend of studying abroad is increasing rapidly among Nepalese student. Keeping this things in mind, Giant Education executive member had made some marketing strategies through advertisements such as Face book adds, hoarding boards on different places, newspaper add, radio add and television advertisement for the students and their guardians to find the best consultancy which they can trust. Moreover, seminars and education fair results the increment in the quantity of potential students which are being organized, practiced and  participated by Giant Education.



Giant Education has qualified and trained team members for the overall performance from choosing right courses, better colleges and universities from application to departure. We have QEAC(P214), (ITAC # 1490), TITI, IDP and British Council certified counselors and instructors. Our office is quite well furnished with 3 cabins (administrative), 2 counseling rooms, 1 classroom, 1 self-study room, a library with varieties of books and an open reception area. We provide free Wi-Fi to the students so that they can log on whenever they like to find the updates of their interests and better prepare themselves. All of us, including the counselors and instructors, we are very friendly to the students and visitors which helps for better conversation so that they could gain more information of their interest.